The History of Striffler Family Funeral Homes

In 1866, W.W. Hunter was an undertaker in McKeesport, PA at the corner of Sixth and Market Streets. Mr. Hunter later had a gentleman by the name of George Edmundson join the firm and it was referred to as the Hunter and Edmundson Funeral Home.

At about the same time, in Meadville, PA, Frank Adam Striffler, was operating his undertaker business. Frank had two sons, Frank Sebastian and Edgar Jacob Striffler. They came to McKeesport in 1905 and opened a funeral home on Walnut Street. Seven years later, they relocated to Market Street where the American Legion Post #361 existed for many years. (The American Legion Post #361 on Market Street relocated from this location to another location in 2014.) Frank A. Striffler became ill and was unable to continue taking care of the family undertaking business in Meadville, so Frank Sebastian went back to Meadville. His brother, Edgar Jacob, (was in college in Pittsburgh) so he left school and maintained the family business in McKeesport.

In 1927, the Striffler Brothers, by which the firm was known at that time, merged with Hunter and Edmundson to form the Hunter-Edmundson-Striffler Funeral Home. (The Striffler's and Hunter's are the ONLY funeral service families in our area that have been operating since the 1800’s.) The fourth generation Striffler family funeral directors continue to operate the facility today that was established in 1866, at it’s exact location…Sixth and Market Streets.

W.W Hunter and George Edmundson died, leaving William O. Hunter and Edgar J. Striffler, and his son Frank S., in the business. Mr. Hunter decided to branch out on his own and in 1954 the Striffler family became sole owner of the Hunter-Edmundson-Striffler Company Funeral Home. Then in 1955 the Strifflers purchased Dr. Fawcett’s home in White Oak, (which at the time was occupied by the Hoerr family), at the corner of Lincoln Way and O’Neil Boulevard. They opened what is now known as Striffler’s of White Oak Cremation and Mortuary Services, Inc. Edgar J. Striffler continued as President of the firm until his death on January 29, 1965. At that time his son, Frank Sheridan Striffler, became president of the firm. Frank S. Striffler contined to grow the family funeral business after the death of his father. He purchased a branch facility in Port Vue Borough in 1976, opened Design Monuments Company in North Versailles and McKeesport in 1978, and in 1984 another funeral home was purchased in Dravosburg/West Mifflin. The firm also has wholly owned subsidiaries in Beaver County, PA, including Campbell Funeral Homes and Beaver Falls Cemetery and Mausoleum.  Mr. Striffler remained president of the firm until his death on March 26, 2006. His daughter, Sue Striffler Galaski, now serves as president of the Striffler Family Funeral Homes. Over a century and a half later, the Striffler Funeral Home still remains in its original facility, at its original location, since 1866.

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