How Does a Celebration of Life Differ from a Funeral?

By: Striffler Family Funeral Homes
Monday, April 18, 2016

How Does a Celebration of Life Differ from a Funeral?

When people think about death, dying, and the grieving process, generally they find themselves thinking about funerals. A funeral, as many people know, is a service where the friends, family, and loved ones of a deceased individual can gather to mourn the passing and to grieve together.


Traditionally funerals are somber affairs, but in the last couple of decades, a different kind of service has emerged; that of the celebration of life. This kind of service is quite different from traditional services. They are dedicated to celebrating the time that the deceased person was alive, and reflecting on the memories and experiences they shared with the people in their lives.


How does a celebration of life differ from a funeral?


Funerals, as many people know, are sad, somber events. Conversely, a celebration of life is dedicated to remembering the positive memories and feelings associated with that person. Many people are starting to choose celebrations of life for this purpose.


Traditional funerals have a standard structure, usually combining religious and spiritual elements for a service at a funeral home or place of worship. There, attendees take turns speaking and sharing stories in front of a crowd in a structured and orderly fashion.


Celebrations of life are much less formal, and usually involve loved ones, family members and friends gathering to look at photos, share stories, and mingle in an informal setting. The informal structure and focus on positive memories is what leads many people to choose this option.


In the end, it’s up to you and your loved ones to choose how best to honor a loved one and that will depend on a variety of factors including personal and religious beliefs. There’s no “right” way to reflect on the time you shared; it’s all up to you. Call Striffler Family Funeral Homes to help you with choices and decision making.

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